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Lexie + Brandon Engagements

Engagements at DC Ranch Marketplace I am so behind on posting here but this is so worth it. I LOVED this couple and the awesome place we choose to do their engagement photos. Lexie and Brandon are the cutest couple, so in love and so fun! DC Ranch Marketplace was... read more

Odell Wedding

Melissa + John = Forever Loved photographing this adorable couples wedding here in Las Vegas, NV at the LDS temple. It was a windy day which brought in some clouds and breeze to cool us off. It was a dream day! From an adorable first look, to gorgeous rings, to the... read more

Chobby Wedding

Robby and Charity Wedding I had the privilege to take pictures of Robby and Charity on their wedding day, also known as “Chobby” for their couple name. They were such a beautiful couple and were so fun and so in love on this day!  They got married at the... read more

Lexie & Brandon Engagements

Arizona Engagements Lexie and Brandon were the cutest couple! I took a drive down to Phoenix, AZ and it was so worth witnessing their love! It was 114 degrees outside during these pictures, we were MELTING!  They did such a good job hiding it, well really they were... read more

Teloma Wedding

Maddy & Marcel got Hitched! THIS COUPLE! I love them, and their happiness, and pure adorable joy! It was such a pleasure to take their engagements and then to top it off with their wedding day was just such a treat.  They got married in the Boise, Idaho LDS Temple... read more

Maddy + Marcel

Boise Engagement Session I had the lovely opportunity a few weeks ago to go to Boise to take engagements for this adorable couple! They were so much fun to work with and were such troopers for the chilly weather and poopy spot. LIterally poopy. We went to the Kathryn... read more